• Barry Joseph Keynote at SLCC2008–Why Second Life Can’t Tip

6th September 2008

Barry Joseph Keynote at SLCC2008–Why Second Life Can’t Tip

Barry Joseph delivered a WONDERFUL and engaging 50 minutes to us at SLEDcc2008 in Tampa. In addition to the several hundred on-location attendees, at any given time we had 30-40 or so people at a distance enjoying his talk from the feeds and at one of the three locations in Second Life there were approximately 25 avatars, also from all over the world. Didn’t see it? No problem. Sit back and enjoy. And hey, share it with at least one dubious colleague :) :

Written by Scott Merrick

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5th September 2008

SLEDcc 08 – CoverItLive Blog

Visit the CoverItLive blog for the Second Life Educators 2008 Conference here.

Or just watch the Mogulus.com feed.

Using the Mogulus video-on-demand feature you can now watch:

  • Keynote with Claudia and Pathfinder Linden (more info here)
  • (The working group on Student Conduct/Institutional Policy was NOT recorded on Mogulus – It will be uploaded when the recorded content shown in-world is made available.)
  • Case Study: The 2nd Life/Real Life Divide, Rockcliffe U.
  • Keynote with Sarah Robbins-Bell (more info here)
  • (1/2 recorded session) Integrating SL in Humanitarian and Development Training
  • Workshop: Building Educational Communities in SL with AJ Kelton
Written by Anthony Fontana

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4th September 2008

Inworld Streaming Live from Tampa!

Hey, a quick post to note the locations inworld where you can catch streaming content live from Tampa over the weekend beginning tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 5. The entire schedule of inworld events is at the SLEDcc wiki, but the quick list of streaming locations is this:


Cheerio, and I’ll be the man/avatar behind the camera for most, if not all, events! Maybe I’ll sneak up behind you in SL and sit down to join you!

Scottmerrick Oh

Written by Scott Merrick

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3rd September 2008

Announcing: Second Life Educators (SLED) Mixer

Thanks to Jeremy Kemp for this news:

Announcing: Second Life Educators (SLED) Mixer
Friday, 9/3, 7-9pm Eastern daylight time

The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, in partnership with the mixed reality performance program Kidz Connect, and the Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning (ARVEL), a special interest group of the American Educational Research Association, are hosting a mixer for those interested in virtual learning research and mixed reality performance as cultural exchange.

Come unwind while getting inspired! We will offer refreshments
and computers if you’d like to show off your Avatar. Finishes at 9pm.

Only a few blocks from the hotel – at the TECO Theater, in the Patel Conservatory at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

This is a kickoff social event for the Second Life Education Community Convention.


Overview: http://www.kidzconnect.org/sled08-mixer/
Kidz Connect: http://kidzconnect.org/
ARVEL: http://www.arvelsig.com/
Patel Conservatory: http://www.patelconservatory.org/
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center: http://tbpac.org/
SLEDcc schedule:

–Jeremy Kemp

Image credits: Rochelle Mazar’s blog

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29th August 2008


If you’re planning to attend the SLCC in Tampa, Florida (or inworld in one of the many venues that will be hooking up to it) next week, you may be confused by the multitude of internet presences. This is a hands-built event, and the history of its Web iterations reflects that. Its online “face” started out with a WordPress blog, moved to a  new address that basically revised its WordPress design but maintains the blog look and aspect; and then, to my mind thankfully, blossomed into a very tidy and comprehensive wiki. That’s the one you want, ya’ll.

Let me be very clear: This is NOT a criticism, only an observation, and an attempt to highlight the process by which beginning efforts can, with community collaboration (and in a very short time) become extraordinarily rich and helpful. Useful linkage means everything to busy people. This site has it!

The SLCC Wiki!

Posted by Scottmerrick Oh

Written by Scott Merrick

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12th August 2008

Metanomics: SLEDcc 2008 & Language Lab

Metanomics “On the Spot” – Fleep Tuque Discusses SLEDcc 2008

On Monday, Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield (SL: Beyers Sellers) put Education Correspondent Fleep Tuque “On the Spot” about the upcoming Second Life Education Community Conference 2008 (SLEDcc), part of the official Second Life Community Convention in Tampa, FL from September 5 – 7th.

(Click the image to view video)

Fleep discussed the genesis of the SLEDcc name and gave an overview of the six conference strands and upcoming sessions in Tampa.  She also talked about the SLEDcc Working Groups, a new component of this year’s program, that will bring participants together to address four topics to generate useful resources for members of the Second Life education community.  Educators are invited to contribute to the SLEDcc Working Group discussions in the SLEDcc08 group on RezEd prior to the conference:

SLEDcc will also have a full program in-world, with streamed sessions from Tampa and an exciting schedule of tours, socials, poster sessions, and presentations.  Register for the in-world SLEDcc here!

Metanomics Guest – David Kaskel on Language Lab

Following the “On the Spot” segment, Beyers turned to the show’s main guest for the day, David Kaskel (SL: Edgeware Marker), CEO of Language Lab.  Language Lab teaches foreign languages in Second Life and their novel curriculum uses a staff of instructors and actors to immerse people in a foreign land, where they must use the native tongue in homes, restaurants, dance halls, job interviews and even airports.

Learn more about Language Lab’s innovative use of virtual worlds for language instruction – click the image above to play the video!

Zemanta Pixie
Written by Chris Collins

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8th August 2008

ISTE Blogger’s Hut for Educational Blogs

Blogbuttons at the Blogger's Hut on ISTE Island

Helloooooo, all. Scott Merrick, here. I’m Scottmerrick Oh in Second Life and I blog frequently at my little Oh! Virtual Learning effort. I’ll be doing some cross-posting when I feel that’s appropriate, but this little introductory post here is mostly to let you know about our blogging resource at ISTE Island, the Blogger’s Hut. Designed to be informative and fun, sorta the way learning should be, it’s there for any and all educational bloggers, not just those of us covering our favorite MUVE. There’s a brief inro to blogs, there are links to videos, and there are now two windows of blogbuttons so that you can go find new blogs for your RSS feed aggregator simply by browsing the blogs that result from clicking the buttons.

Every month, a polling station collects votes for the featured Blog-o-the-month whose RSS feed will be displayed all month in the RSS object, allowing quick scan of subject headers. Clicking on the RSS box will open up the featured blog for your reading enjoyment. This month, it’s Jeff Agamenoni’s “From Mr. A to Mr. Z” and I’m pleased that Jeff (Henny Zimer in SL) is not one of your long-running blogstars, but a relative newcomer to the discipline: That’s the beauty of democratic vote, ya’ll! I love Jeff’s fresh-from-Montana perspectives on teaching and learning and the wonder he shares with us as he discovers new tools for teaching.

Come see me at ISTE Island, where I occasionally docent, along with the dozens of other teacher-volunteers who do so, and by all means vote for your favorite blog for RSS display the month of September: This month we’re choosing between four stellar examples of leading edge thought about teaching and learning. The predictable thing to do, of course, is to list them here, but I’d rather have you visit this SLurl and check them out!

See ya at SLCC!!! Oh, and if you can’t get there, I’ll be streaming some sessions into ISTE Island from Tampa. Either way, I hope to see you there!!

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Written by Scott Merrick

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14th April 2008

What makes a SL-Ed project “excellent”?

The Education arm of the Second Life Community Conference is planning The SLEDccademy Awards, a contest for building and showcasing exemplary educational builds in SL – with votes starting early August and the winners announced live in Tampa for each of 6 categories (streamed inworld if possible):

  • Games and Simulations
  • Mixed Reality Learning
  • Theory, Research, & Practice
  • International and Diverse Learning
  • Tools and Projects
  • Special Populations & Events

Before nominations and voting can begin, however, the committee would like to create a rubric for each category. What qualities make a tool the best in Second Life? What outstanding features does a mixed reality learning exercise contain?

We need your help to develop these rubrics!  Leave a comment suggesting a quality you think should be included on one of the rubrics. Be sure to tell us which category the rubric item is for. Feel free to leave more than one.

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