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8th August 2008

ISTE Blogger’s Hut for Educational Blogs

Blogbuttons at the Blogger's Hut on ISTE Island

Helloooooo, all. Scott Merrick, here. I’m Scottmerrick Oh in Second Life and I blog frequently at my little Oh! Virtual Learning effort. I’ll be doing some cross-posting when I feel that’s appropriate, but this little introductory post here is mostly to let you know about our blogging resource at ISTE Island, the Blogger’s Hut. Designed to be informative and fun, sorta the way learning should be, it’s there for any and all educational bloggers, not just those of us covering our favorite MUVE. There’s a brief inro to blogs, there are links to videos, and there are now two windows of blogbuttons so that you can go find new blogs for your RSS feed aggregator simply by browsing the blogs that result from clicking the buttons.

Every month, a polling station collects votes for the featured Blog-o-the-month whose RSS feed will be displayed all month in the RSS object, allowing quick scan of subject headers. Clicking on the RSS box will open up the featured blog for your reading enjoyment. This month, it’s Jeff Agamenoni’s “From Mr. A to Mr. Z” and I’m pleased that Jeff (Henny Zimer in SL) is not one of your long-running blogstars, but a relative newcomer to the discipline: That’s the beauty of democratic vote, ya’ll! I love Jeff’s fresh-from-Montana perspectives on teaching and learning and the wonder he shares with us as he discovers new tools for teaching.

Come see me at ISTE Island, where I occasionally docent, along with the dozens of other teacher-volunteers who do so, and by all means vote for your favorite blog for RSS display the month of September: This month we’re choosing between four stellar examples of leading edge thought about teaching and learning. The predictable thing to do, of course, is to list them here, but I’d rather have you visit this SLurl and check them out!

See ya at SLCC!!! Oh, and if you can’t get there, I’ll be streaming some sessions into ISTE Island from Tampa. Either way, I hope to see you there!!

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17th March 2008

SL Papers from 2007 NMC Conference Proceedings

Sometimes we are so awash in resources that some real gems pass us by. So it has been with some the New Media Consortium published in November, the 2007 NMC Conference Proceedings which has a good set of SL papers authored by SLED colleagues.

The papers in the proceedings were authored by presenters at the 2007 NMC Summer Conference in Indianapolis. Participants at the conference voted on sessions that ought to be invited to author papers, and the final product represents a more formal write-up of their conference sessions.

The entire proceedings is available as a free, Creative Commons licensed PDF (2.6 Mb, 133 pages) and is full color with active hyperlinks and embedded video (note to Mac OSX users- view with Adobe Acrobat Reader and not Preview for the full media effect).

NMC Conference Proceedings

Among the papers relevant to Second Life and virtual worlds you may find of interest

  • The Arts Metaverse in Open Croquet: Exploring an Open Source 3-D Online Digital World Ulrich Rauch and Tim Wang | University of British Columbia
  • Beyond World of Warcraft: the Universe of MMOGs Ruben R. Puentedura | Hippasus
  • ClevelandPlus in Second Life Wendy Shapiro, Lev Gonick, and Sue Shick | Case Western Reserve University
  • Out of the Cave or Further In? The Realities of Second Life Gregory Reihman | Lehigh University
  • Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise: Socio-emotional Dimensions of Digital Culture Which Are Transforming the Shape of New Media Literacies Angela Thomas | University of Sydney
  • Teaching Field Research in a Virtual World Ed Lamoureux | Bradley University
  • A View from Second Life’s Trenches: Are You a Pioneer or a Settler? Cynthia Calongne | Colorado Technical University

We will be repeating this effort for the NMC 2008 Summer Conference, hosted this year at the RL Princeton University, which will offer sessions and pre-conference workshops on Second Life and Wonderland.

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7th January 2008

To Read: “I’ve Been in That Club, Just Not in Real Life”

NYT Article about MTV’s Virtual Lower East Side (VLES).  VLES is MTV’s newest foray in virtual worlds. It functions a bit like MySpace used to, promoting new bands, generating fan bases etc and has an accompanying web-based social network with profiles etc. Anyone know what engine its built on?


I took a poke at it and blogged about it over on Ubernoggin since it’s not strictly education related. Time will tell if VLES’s numbers make up for the investment MTVhas put in but it’s worth a look if you’re interested in virtual spaces built for a very specific purpose.

Thanks to Steven Hornik for the link!

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31st December 2007

To Read: Web Playgrounds of the Very Young

NYT article about kid’s virtual worlds. Thanks to Steve Hornick

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30th December 2007

To Read: Generation Y biggest user of libraries: survey

Reuters article about Gen Y and libraries. Thanks to Ken Hubble

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