• Bright Idea: Playing YouTube Movies in Second Life

27th May 2008

Bright Idea: Playing YouTube Movies in Second Life

sl-youtube.pngIn yet another handy video, Torley Linden explains how to get YouTube videos to play in Second Life. This is awfully handy for education applications such as tutorials, displaying student work, etc. How do you use video in Second Life? Give us your creative and useful ideas for integrating videos into Second Life education experiences.

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20th May 2008

SLEdCC Update

The SLCC Education committee is hard at work organizing lots of fun for SLCC in September. Among the current efforts, the organizers are refining the system for the First Annual SLEDDIES!!! With lots of great categories, a voting system, and awesome gold statues (well maybe not those but we’ll do our best), the SLEDDIES are bound to be a highlight of the SLCC Education track. Watch for more updates soon about nominations and voting.

Also, if you’re in SL and you’d like to check out the current plans for the education track be sure to pop over here, on Chilbo island, to see the room layouts and the beginnings of the schedule!


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15th May 2008

NMC Announces $100,000 in Virtual Learning Prizes

The New Media Consortium (NMC) announced today the call for proposals for the 2008-09 NMC Virtual Learning Prize, a $100,000 competitive program of awards intended to create a collection of innovative open-source learning experiences that make use of the unique attributes of a virtual learning environment. (See the press release.)

As many as 20 NMC Virtual Learning Prizes will be awarded in 2008. Each of the US$5,000 awards will provide a cash incentive paid to the awardee of $500 as well as $4,500 in expert development assistance from the NMC Virtual Worlds team to create the learning experience. The range of inworld services available to awardees to actualize the proposed ideas includes professional building, scripting, design, animation, avatar design, and/or related services.

random virtual learning image

The NMC is committed to pushing the boundaries of how we collectively view teaching and learning in virtual space. The NMC Virtual Learning Prize is envisioned as a way to surface and realize creative ideas for how to make optimal use of a virtual setting, using a process that provides recognition, financial incentives, professional development services, and a return for education as a whole.

"Projects funded under the NMC Virtual Learning Prize program will be those that make learning fresh or novel, or that illustrate concepts that are usually very difficult to teach," explains Dr. Larry Johnson, NMC's CEO and director of NMC Virtual Worlds. "We are seeking immersive learning experiences in particular, as well as tools that support the craft of teaching. We hope to see a number of proposals with broad applicability across disciplines as that will allow us to maximize the reach of the shared resources that are to be developed under this program."

As a requirement of funding, all materials and content produced as part of the program will be licensed for broad use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Proposal authors will retain full copyright to finished products, and all funded materials will be made available to educators and educational institutions at no cost via either the NMC's Educational Resource Center on Learning in Second Life or via the NMC's website, as applicable.

For the 2008-9 award year, funded ideas will be limited to those that can be implemented in the virtual worlds of Second Life or Project Wonderland. In future years, the program may be expanded to other virtual world platforms.

Review of proposals will begin on June 16, 2008, and proposals will continue to be accepted until all funds have been expended.

For further information, or to download a proposal submission form, please see the Virtual Learning Prize website. Questions related to the criteria or the submission of an application should be directed to virtual-learning@nmc.org.

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14th May 2008

Upcoming SLED events

* Book Talk with Robert Shemin, May 13, 15.

* UPenn Student Mashup Video Screenings, May 14.
* Beijing Cuisine Lectures, May 15.

* Second Life Peace Park Discussion: “Online Religious Practice Through the Looking Glass: Spirituality and the NetWeb”, May 15.
* International Sharing Second Life Stories Day, May 16.

* Siemens PLM Software Analyst Conference Velocity Launch live in Second Life, May 20.
* CCIU Open House Social, June 2.

* JT Open Translator to Second Life Prims, June 3.
The events above have been added to the SLEDevents in SL public Google calendar, which shows events in Second Life of interest to SLED subscribers, and which may be viewed in your web browser at:

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12th May 2008

Watch My Lips

One of the more surreal aspects of Second Life is having a vivid voice chat conversation with a character where their mouth never moves. For years, avatars at There.com have had lip sync or at least, mouth movement, to audio.

Well, my Second Life talking friends, you can have that too with the Second Life Lipsync Viewer. This is a set of files you download and replace in your original Second Life application (see the bottom of the docs page and the Readme that comes with the download).

Now your lips move with the volume of your voice! Here is a brief test (it did not work with my dog avatar, so I had to play a human)


If you like this, vote for it to be rolled into the regular viewer.

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10th May 2008

Upcoming SLED events

* Celebrate Pangea Day in Second Life, May 10.

* Stepping Into History Conference, June 10.

 The events above have been added to the SLEDevents in SL public Google calendar, which shows events in Second Life of interest to SLED subscribers, and which may be viewed in your web browser at:

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9th May 2008

First Scientific Conference Held inside World of Warcraft

Just stumbled across this– not directly SL, but if you are interested in virtual worlds in general… and are leveled up …

Starting today is a unique event running May 9-11 – Convergence of the Real and Virtual is the first scientific conference taking place in the MMORPG or World of Warcraft.


Lest you think this is not serious, check out the Science article of April 18 by Gonzo Scientist John Bohannon titled Scientists, We Need Your Swords!

This will not be your typical conference. Sure, there will be sessions devoted to various research topics involving virtual worlds, panel discussions, social activities, and those conference goody bags that we’ve all come to love. But to attend this conference, you don’t have to splurge on grant money or add to global warming by flying to another country. And in the goody bags, you won’t find brochures, pens, or those quickly lost notebooks.

Instead, each conference participant will receive (while supplies last) 10 gold pieces, a red “Sciencemag” shirt, a colorful conference tabard emblazoned with an infinity symbol, two extra bags for swag, a telescope, and a pet creature. Between sessions, there will be group field trips across landscapes inhabited by dangerous beasts–some earthly and extinct, others fanciful–an introduction to the world’s auction-based economy, and finally a massive joint assault on an enemy city. (Beat that, Gordon conferences!) Anyone with an Internet connection can take part, from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is install the game, create a character, and join the guild called “Science” on the Earthen Ring US server.


In addition to the main conference web page (which has a lot of useful links) there is much more in the conference wiki.

If there are an WoW educators out there, we’d love to hear some dispatches from this event.

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6th May 2008

NMC 2008 Survey of SL Educators

Last year the New Media Consortium conducted and published the results of a survey of educators in Second Life. Given how much has changed and evolved, they have decided to run the survey again.


We announce today the opening of the NMC 2008 Educators in Second Life Survey, which you can take now by going to:

Please share the survey link far and wide, as we hope to get a larger sample this time around. We will keep the survey open at least til the end of May 2008 and we will again publish the results to the NMC Campus Observer and the NMC web site.

Like last year, the the results are and will be available for free under Creative Commons licenses.

Even if you took the survey last year, please participate again (as much can change in a year). And tell everyone you know to put in their responses.

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5th May 2008

Upcoming SLED events

  •  Student SciWriting Immersion Projects, May 5.
  • Metanomics Rebroadcasts, May 6 & weekly through May.
  • E-Learning in 3D: Open Lecture On Campus Hamburg, May 6.
  • Community Challenge, USC Network Culture Project, May 6.
  • Collaboration Technology and Engaging the Campus 2008 Conference – Live Broadcast, May 8.
  • MediaCampBucks08, May 17.  

The events above have been added to the SLEDevents in SL public Google calendar, which shows events in Second Life of interest to SLED subscribers, and which may be viewed in your web browser at: http://sledevents.blogspot.com/ BDSommerville 

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5th May 2008

Improving Second Life Search with Tagging System

 Jeska Linden recently posted on the SLED mailing list regarding LL’s newest concept for improving search results. This is a big idea worth some thinking and conversation so I thought I’d repost her message here for more discussion. What do you think? How would you improve/change the proposed system?


Greetings SLED list,

You’ve been asking us to do better with inappropriate content and content classification and we’ve been listening. In an effort to make our abuse reporting system easier to access and more effective, we are planning to introduce a flagging system for our search results – and we’d love to get your feedback.
The new flagging system will help residents to flag inappropriate postings for speedy removal, while preserving everyone’s ability to express themselves freely in world.

How it will work

  • First, when you post a classified, you will have to self-declare if your content is mature or not.
  • Second, every listing will have a “Flag This” link. You can use this to report inappropriate or mis-classified content or nominate great content for the showcase.

Flag Categories

  • Mature – the listing is adult only content (and is not flagged as such)
  • Prohibited – the listing contains content that is prohibited in Second Life
  • Spam – inappropriate for the listing type (ie: non event listed on Events calendar)
  • Showcase – nominate something for possible inclusion in the Second Life Showcase (http://secondlife.com/showcase)

[All listings must follow the Second Life Community Standards and Terms of Service.]

Types of listings that can be flagged

  • Parcel listings
  • Classifieds
  • Events
  • You will not be able to flag avatar or group profiles

What happens when something is flagged

  • Every flag counts as one vote for that flag category. While one (or few) votes does nothing, if a listing receives enough votes in that category, it will be auto-classified as reported.
  • Prohibited and spam content will be taken down immediately when it gets enough votes
  • When content is flagged several times, the content owner will get a note
  • Residents can file a case with our support team if they think the flag was incorrect

Anything else?

  • Residents will be allowed to flag a piece of content only once. You cannot change your vote, so flag with care
  • You cannot flag more than Y times a day total (number still to be determined)
  • Anonymous basic Residents or Residents whose accounts are less than x days old* will not be able to flag content (number to be determined)
  • Flagging will be available only on the search listings and not on object properties in world

Thats it. We hope that this will make content flagging more effective and will help the community better regulate what is appropriate and what is not.
Please reply to this email with your thoughts and feedback on this proposed design!

Jeska, Kalpana and the LL Search Team


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