• ISTE Teachers Learn to Produce Machinima

29th July 2008

ISTE Teachers Learn to Produce Machinima

ISTE VideoSpotlightISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) are by far one of the most innovative education groups using the world of Second Life to, not only learn with students, but also to help educated fellow teachers on the benefits and ins and outs of utilizing technology.  Recently, KnowClue Kidd (RL Marrianne Malmstrom) led a group of teachers through an experience to help them learn to make machinima using SL. Not only did each teacher in the project produce his/her own video, but together they produced a really amazing project.

Be sure to check out all the videos and stop by one of ISTE’s islands in Second Life. They’re great examples of educational community spaces.

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18th July 2008

California Bar Association Approves Credit Gained using Second Life

SLEventThis week marks a pretty interesting milestone in the gradual mainstream acceptance of virtual worlds as valuable education spaces. This week, the SL Bar Association hosted a seminar that was the first professionally accredited legal seminar in Second Life. Professional development is an important, but often inconvenient, aspect of many accredited fields. Teachers, doctors, lawyers and many other professions who operate with an accredited license are required to attend classes and earn credits on a regular basis. However, finding a class in your area being held at a time that suits your schedule and at a price you can afford may be nearly impossible at times. The Bar Association is setting a great example of Second Life’s use to not only educate but also make that education more available to more people.

The SL Bar Association’s next general meeting is Saturday, July 19, 10a.m. Pacific, and the next MCLE session is Tuesday, July 22, 12 p.m. Pacific. More info on both can be found at http://slba.info.

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3rd July 2008

Global Kids Talk About Their SL Experiences

Find more videos like this on RezEd

TeenSLBarry Joseph and his awesome team over at Global Kids are certainly trailblazers in the SL Teen Grid. It’s exciting to hear about the SL experience straight from the kids rather than from teachers with all of our assessment jargon. After watching be sure to pop over to RezEd, GK’s new social portal for VW education, and check out the GK homepage for more info on their projects.

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2nd July 2008

SLedupotential – a hands on workshop

FLEventHow do you demonstrate the educational potential of second life?

* bring together people with various sl teaching and learning experiences?
* create a wiki with tons of resources?
* demonstrate immersion?
* demonstrate social networking?
* demonstrate the power of creation as a constructivist tool?

This was the goal of the Monday NECC workshop called SLedupotential. Nine talented trainers, forty hardwired computers (that all connected to SL flawlessly!), thirty interested and tech-savvy participants, three hours. What more could you ask for?

But did this session really fulfill its promise? Is it possible to convey to new users what SL is all about by showing it or even encouraging them to explore it – in just three hours? It was a fun workshop; we got accounts worked out; we shared our own positive experiences with teaching and learning; we provided the context of muves in which sl exists, we played with the new avatar appearance and we visited a wide range of sims.

But I am left wondering if there are better ways to do this?

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2nd July 2008

Edubloggers at NECC

FLEventAt the blogger lounge I met up with Al Upton from Adelaide, South Australia and Vicki Davis from Camilla, Georgia, United States.  Click to see clips of our conversations.

Al Upton

Vicki Davis

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