• Nudging the Adoption

21st November 2008

Nudging the Adoption

I know. This is an odd title. But I had the opp today to “present” to a group of Web developers at Vanderbilt University, a truly marvelous institution–more like a massive city of learning–that has not yet set more than the random exploratory toe into Second Life. Thanks to the Vanderbilt Web Spiders and particularly to good friend Melanie Moran for inviting me to share.

I blogged it madly at both my main bloggies, scottmerrick.net and Oh! Virtual Learning, so I don’t need to repeat it all here (there’s powerpoint at scottmerrick.net). I do, however, feel like I need to give you an embed of my little “shadetree machinima.” I was so tickled to hear applause for it today that I’m encouraged to share it out here:

Thanks to my friend and new landlady, Kathy Schrock, and to my friend and long-time “boss” Ginny Shepherd, the visionary leader of the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach, for contributing to our entry into Second Life. It’s going to be a long, lovely journey…

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13th November 2008

Second Life in Education via SimTeach

Everybody knows about SimTeach, I’d wager. If you made it here, you certainly do, or at least you certainly should .

In preparation for a brief presentation about Second Life next week at the Vanderbilt “Web Spiders” (Vanderbilt University’s informal community of Web developers) meeting, I came across a very rich resource I need to share. Seasoned educators Jo Kay (aka jokay Wollongong) and Sean (aka Sean McDunnough) are working overtime on a wiki-based set of resources all about education and educational projects in Second Life. It’s a must see for anyone interested in the topic, and it resides at http://sleducation.wikispaces.com/educationaluses. Of course the other main resource for introducing the vast majority of educators who are clueless about SL is the SimTeach wiki. That should keep everyone busy enough. Check back with me when you’ve explored all of both of those sites, like in the year 2108.

Then I’ll send you to SLedupotential. :)

Written by Scott Merrick

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